Life’s Little Pleasures

The first teabag from a brand new box

Finding a pair of matching socks

A cut and colour on your greying locks

A great big latte in your favourite caff

Meeting friends and having a laugh

Skimming stones on the river Taff

Apple pie with custard hot

Scraping the last of the chutney pot

Counting how much change you’ve got

Singing with the Sunday choir

Snuggling up before the fire

Trying on some new attire

Going to see your favourite band

Holidays for so long planned

Waiting for the plane to land

A new book from your favourite scribe

Still some wine left to imbibe

Finished poems to transcribe

Chocolate as a Friday treat

Fluffy slippers on your feet

Cupboard full of food to eat

Scented candles in each room

Lamplight low to chase the gloom

Chasing spiders with a broom

Telly on and curtains drawn

Crocuses invade the lawn

First light of a summer dawn

Family is reunited

Easter, children so excited

Ringo Starr has just been knighted.

Poetry magazines sent by post

Marmalade on buttered toast

A refund when you need it most

Plenty of money in your purse

Feeling at one with the universe

Signing off on the final verse

First published in ‘Star Tips For Writers,’

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