Feux d’artifice, Nice, le quatorze Juillet

Red lorry, yellow lorry, white lorry,

White lorry, slowly, slowly, what’s he doing?

Something’s wrong. Revving, revving,

Speeding, speeding. Stop him! Stop him!

Swerving, swerving. Killing, killing.

Screaming, screaming, howling, crying

Spare the children! On and on

And on. Now running, running,

Panic, panic. Hide us! Hide us!

Shuttered buildings. Fermés. Save us!

Alley rats, alley rats, what’s your hurry?*

Inside! Inside! What’s the problem?

Just a road crash. Cower, cower.

Shoot him! Shoot him! Bang! He’s dead!

And them. And them. And them.

*A survivor told how he and his family sought refuge in the store room of a restaurant down an alleyway because the shops along the seafront were closed. Staff and diners had not yet heard the truth of the events on 14/7/2016. The killer drove a white lorry.


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