New Outfits

See, my sisters, all of us together

posing in the snow, the perfect Christmas Day

showing off our brand new winter coats.

You, Marianne, the eldest, still flaunting

those fine, fair legs in short style

emerald green neon and loud red stripes

like a feminist crusader parading the cross

on which a million fashion victims died.

You, Geraldine, are younger and more coy

covered neck to ankle in muted moss

the new length, not to be outdone

by your older sibling. Hat, too, soft

and subtle, while she prefers a statement

big brim, not to shade the sun, but

calculated to invite closer scrutiny.

And what of me? I was nine or ten

and chuffed as hell with my outfit as well

encrusted with diamonds, red and green

and blue, double-breasted chic

and warm, blue legs. Three lithe lasses

on snow patrol. Three bright baubles

twinkling in December gloom.

First published in Reach Poetry



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