Simultaneous Translation

Dear You. Hello. It’s me.

We’ve only been apart

for one, small day, and yet

I’m so afraid you may

already have forgotten.


The weather here is fine.

I cut and paste the phrases

from a worthy aide-scritoire

entitled ‘Letters for Emotional



I hope that you are well.

You are young and you are strong,

vibrant, vital, fearless,

but still I dread your imminent



I am keeping busy.

I charge through tasks relentlessly

surround myself with bustle

and with chatter. Stillness and inaction

are my Nemesis. They open wide

a pit of desolation

where you are not.


I hope to see you soon.

Forgive me my ineloquence.

I thought to draw you nearer

with a golden twine of sweetness,

but ropes of jaded courtesies

have bound me and defeated me.


Yet one truth finds its way:

With all my love.

First published in Reach


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