Things They Never Say in Love Songs

I wish, just once, you`d look up from that book

you always have your nose in. Perhaps we could

discuss the author`s style and composition.

And while I held your gaze, (at last discerning

the true shade of the eyes behind the shades),

you’d stop pretending books fulfil your needs.

I know you think I’m just a pretty boy

and don’t respect what lies between your ears;

you think I stare at some imagined flaw.

But I have been more constant an admirer

of your refreshing plainness, never seeking

the favour of the ever-present blonde.

If I could stimulate your intellect

I would not ever make you choose between

my love and love that present shares your bed.

There’s room enough for three, as you will see;

you cannot warm your feet upon a book.

First published in The Black Rose






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