Sing Me to Sleep

It’s ‘Ghost Riders In The Sky’ tonight.

Daddy takes the performer’s stance

As I peer over the counterpane

Awaiting the tale’s unfolding.


He sings of cowboys, steers and dust,

The life of the trail, precarious, bleak,

Of loneliness and weary limbs,

The day’s harsh light, the night’s harsh cold.


And nothing but whiskey and cards for comfort.

No soft, warm wife, no child’s sweet kiss,

No home his own nor friend, save one,

And horses make poor companions.


Those ghosts gallop into eternity

(I pray they won’t come back again)

And Daddy bows to kiss my cheek

Reminding me softly to go to sleep.


I am a most obedient child

Afraid to move, and so disturb

The perfect smoothness of the sheet

My Daddy so lovingly tucked around.

First published in Reach




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