Cowgirl Cheek

 Rachel wears a leather cowboy hat

that used to be her Dad’s. He left it

lying on the back shelf of the car. Sun

magnified through glazing made it shrink

like a voodoo head. She wears it

round the house, with tunic shirts from France,

mock-leather knee-high boots and Scotch-wool

blanket draped artfully about her shoulders.

We call her ‘Clint’ and whistle the theme tune

from ‘A Fistful of Dollars.’ Close, but no cigarillo.

Breakfast TV had a fashion slot

while she sipped her coffee, hot and strong and black.

They called it ‘Cowgirl Chic.’ She sneered.

She’s not a slave to fashion. With her,

it’s more a case of ‘Cowgirl Cheek.’


First published in Purple Patch




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