Calendar haiku

January needs

pruning for dreams of Summer

to blossom sooner


February needs

hothouse humours for flowers

of delicate hue


March needs tolerance

as she takes her own sweet time

to prepare for Spring


April needs caution

as shrill winds shred the softest

sheen of dusk’s lustre


May needs acceptance

of her many moods and her



June needs a blessing

her sodden benedictions

cleansing the soiled earth


July needs welcome

however insincere for

an honest effort


August needs nothing

but alternative planning

for chance encounters


September needs hope

of late-flowering sunbeams

not yet harvested


October needs all

our understanding and not

our lamentations


November needs sleep

forgetfulness its only

hope of redemption


December needs light

to draw out the buried joy

a promise fulfilled

First published in Reach


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