Hamster Jam


Luncheon at the Bowler Hat

Dinner at the Hook

Breakfast at Lavinia’s

Chocolate at de Kerk

Iron Goddess of Mercy

In a mug, take it or leaf

Abyssinian pancakes

Enfold each spicy morsel

Cobra Café Old Cheese

Gives not a fig compote

Dining at Daredevil

No need to dress up posh

The pound is high, more dinner

For your dosh.

But one is not prepared to wait

In line for Rijks comestibles

Cobra Café saves our souls

Seated service. Smashing!

No-one knows how Brit-folk crave

Jet-black tea with chilly milk

Apple pie request to warm

Comes back as cold on roasting plate

MOMO proffers seafood sous

A dome of ice, with fire within

And trivet made of chocolate

Is a throne for scrumptious petits-fours

Brought down to earth, we gladly guzzle

Fish and chips aboard the ship.

First published in Star Tips for Writers



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