Choirmaster John reminds me of ‘Bear – by Posy’

affectionate smiling at naughty boys and girls

looking over his shoulder for a nod from Shelagh.

Has she put the right fingers on today? She presses

the ‘On’ switch. We hear the bellows roar

a jet engine before it mounts the sky.

Time to switch off gossip. Truth be told

this is a house of God, and we should not

be prattling while others seek to pray

but what a joy to see our friends each week

especially this Christmas Eve! The church

is full to bursting. A bright burbling babble

is sloshing around the walls like wine in crystal.

The bell rings, round one! Here comes the procession

the servers clad in white, the golden cross

held proud before. Our mascot reaches wide

His arms to welcome all of us to Mass

at Midnight. It feels exciting to be up

and revelling, this night of all. The music starts

and we stand proud ,breathe deeply, shoulders back

and diaphragms extended, drawing deep

the warm air risen up to fill our lungs.

‘Hark!’ we cry, ‘the herald angels sing!’

but they can have the night off tonight.

First published in Reach Poetry







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