Berlin for Vegans

 Euro 2012 Final. Germany is out. No matter.

They love the game. The summer night is balmy.

Pavement after pavement heaves with diners,

with drinkers, adoringly spectating at the screens

which twinkle out of doors for one night only.


We eschew the rabble as our purpose is much

higher. We are seeking quiet solace where

no corpses bleed, no honey bee molested

will sweeten our confections and no cow will burst

its bladder to assuage our thirst for milk-snot.


We are not virtuous; vegan daughter’s succour

has brought us to the door of Lebensfroh –

The Joy of Living – and to do our penance

for all those gravied victims we have scoffed.

Still, food is food. For us it is no hardship


Except the kitchen closed at eight o’clock

though smoothies or a salad can be brought.

‘This is my kind of place,’ she smiles. ‘A salad

will be fine.’ At least some Pils with alcohol

was found, and raw desserts go down a treat.


The last night of our holiday we come

once more to Lebensfroh. A scribbled note

informs us that the café closed at six.

We settle for a curry two doors down

while disappointed vegan sips her tea.

First published in Reach Poetry






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