Walled Up Alive

The lonely housewife

makes a single loaf

of brittle bread

makes love alone

in a chilly bed

while her man sweats

and sleeps with his face

turned away.

First published in Reach Poetry

The Selectively Blind


Why is your hand always glued

to the outside of your ear?

Why stride purposefully on

when you should stand still?

Speech, hearing engaged

but not sight. Pity.

Bright sun lights every wrinkle

of existence, and chatter

could wait for indoor darkness.

Are you so important that

a phone call can never wait?

Demented teapot, you spout

nonsense, your handle

holds the device, your

brain’s a rattling lid.

Walk, or talk, or stand and text

till traffic lights on pavements

keep us safe from crashing bores.

First published in Star Tips for Writers