Where Did You Go To, Lazarus?


My sisters are weeping, and so am I

Or would if these dead eyes

Did not begrudge the tears.

My sisters have waited, and so have I,

So sure our friend would never

Forsake us at the end.

I feel their hands on my hands,

I see their desolation,

I cannot speak to comfort.

Tired I am of waiting; let me go

And, if I cannot see him, let my memory

Forget we ever met, that he loved me

So little in return.

Where shall you go to, Lazarus?

Heaven’s gates are closed

To sinful Man. The dead await

The castellan, as you once did.

You are not welcome here

Among the helpless hordes

In Hades’ halfway-house.

Are you afraid? This death

Was not what you expected,

An absence of belonging.

Pass by, and seek your way

Back into the sunlight, a lonely road

That none has walked before. Lonelier still

To walk amongst the living, yet unknown,

An insubstantial essence.

What are you seeking? Feet move onward

Guided to some goal, some meeting place;

But now your steps are shadowed

And two keep pace together, returning

To Bethany and a mystery beginning.

Where did you go to, Lazarus?

We watched you die, we laid you out,

We railed at him for failing us,

We did not understand.

I did not know his purpose, yet I followed.

I saw a man emerge from out a tomb.

My brother sent me forth to greet my brother

And we embraced and lived again in him.

First published in Reach